John Sears


Ms. Marchal is a diverse artist with expertise in pre- and post-production efforts, live and still shoots, camera operations, cinematography, and photography. Chloé was a producer on the music video for Golden Alphabet, as well as the commercials for the Success Academy, Gravity, and Prospect School. Now, each of these productions were significant to me and my reputation, as well as those of my clients, and on each, Chloé was a critical team member. But, on one in particular, Chloé stood out: her work on the Success Academy commercial series was absolutely fundamental to the productions’ successes. She was responsible for producing the entire project, from interviewing and hiring the crew, organizing schedules across a team of agency professionals, independent contractors, and educational officials, reviewing and editing the script as needed or appropriate, communicating with the clients, renting and transporting gear, arranging for proper permitting and necessary line items, as well as ensuring that we stayed on budget and time. The end result was that Success Academy was incredibly happy with the product that we delivered and has desired to continue using our services for their ongoing needs. This is obviously an advantage for me, but is a direct comment on Chloé’s abilities.