Chloé Marchal




Chloé Marchal is a great traveler who seeks to meet people on their way and share her experiences with everyone.

Before starting her career as a film producer, Chloe finished her master’s degree in film studies with a thesis at La Sorbonne in Paris, which established a link between underground music, graphic art and skateboard scenes of the 80s and 90s in Berlin and contemporary cinema. The search for a link between cultures and the highlighting of issues led her to work as a photo reporter for the International Journal in Paris and Berlin. This led her to travel all over the world and to make reports in Turkey, Taiwan, Spain, Canada, America, Germany, etc. Her love for photography has never stopped growing, and has led her to collaborate with well-known artists such as Leo Coltrane or Casey Baugh as their official photographer. Today, she still exhibits in galleries, covers events, do bts, won international photographic awards, and collaborates with other artists.

From Paris to Berlin, then from Berlin to New York, she has refined her knowledge of the audiovisual industry by working in a wide variety of film departments. First  as a Script Supervisor, Assistant Director, Camera, among others. The idea was to understand all the mechanisms of the film industry and then assert her career as a producer. This success led her to work with award-winning companies such as Arte, Interzone Pictures and Cinema for Peace, and then on her own, producing a multitude of projects in various formats in New York. She is best known for producing the two TV programs, “Casey Baugh’s Masterclasses” & “An Artist Diary”.

Now based between New York, Berlin and Montreal, she works as a film producer and photographer, collaborating with renowned artists such as Klaus Maeck, Asia Marche, John Sears, Patrick Mason, Albert Dabbah, Roberto Rizzo, Ron Kain, Gerard Schmidt, among others.


Photography Awards

February  2023 – Winner Walking and Standing – Honorable Mention – People: Street Life, Annual Photography Awards

May 2022 – Finalist BIKE Magazine Photography Contest 2022

March 2022 – Special Award Artist of The Month, ArtJob

March 2022 – Silver – Silver Winner, Category Fine Art Photography,  Muse Photography Awards



June 2023 –  Exhibition ” Gender Identity” at Brouhahaart Gallery, London, UK

April 2023 – Exhibition at Power Indie Berlin festival, Berlin, German

March 2023 – Exhibition “Cityscapes” at Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece

January 2023 – Vernissage/Exhibition at Frequenzwerk Gallery, Berlin, Germany



Professional references are in slideshow at the bottom of the page.