Albert Dabah


When I began working on my film, “Extra Innings”, I asked her to proofread the script and provide feedback on it. Though this is something that would normally be reserved for a writer, producer, executive producer, director, or other prominent members of the production team, I chose to ask Chloe for her professional opinion, because of her record of success; her reputation is stellar. You see, despite being young, Chloe has maintained a reputation in film and audio/visual productions, as well as the arts, as an asset to any team. This is why she has been sought out as a key member of production teams from Germany, to France, to New York: whether as a photographer, producer, actor, or art director, Ms. Marchal has been at—or very close to—the center of her works and their successes. Unsurprisingly, Chloe’s ongoing recommendations and involvement helped me to hone the film and perfect it to the extent that it would go on to win Best Feature at both the Manhattan and Jersey Shore Film Festivals, as well as be an Official Selection at seven other international festivals.